JBC Announcements

March 2019: A new pricing structure for JBC: Accepted manuscripts initially submitted after March 15, 2019 will be subject to new rates.

February 2019: EditorialFor the sake of science. ASBMB journal Editors-in-Chief discuss the Plan S coalition

January 2019: Notice: 8 papers withdrawn

January 2019: 2018 Minireview Compendium

January 2019: Editorial - Introducing JBC Reviews

July 2018: Editorial - Looking back at the last two years: Coming home to JBC

June 2018: Virtual Issue - Omics of lipids, glycans and polar metabolites

April 2018: The JBC/Herb Tabor Young Investigator Award winners presented their outstanding JBC papers at the ASBMB Annual Meeting in San Diego

March 2018: Three New Associate Editors at Journal of Biological Chemistry

March 2018: 5 papers withdrawn

January 2018: JBC has changed its copyright policy and pricing structure for manuscripts initially submitted on or after January 1, 2018: Authors retain copyright and instead grant JBC a license to publish their work, color figure fees have been eliminated, and page charges have been modestly increased. Discover why in Lila Gierasch’s editorial.

December 2017: Editorial - JBC's New Year's resolutions: Check them off!

November 2017: Qi-Qun Tang Joins Journal of Biological Chemistry

October 2017: Ursula Jakob Joins Journal of Biological Chemistry

October 2017: Editorial - The Herbert Tabor Best Paper Awards: Celebrating young authors who contribute top content to JBC

September 2017: Editorial - On the costs of scientific publishing

September 2017: Check out our newsroom for the latest JBC news!

September 2017: News Release - Scientists find cellular backup plan for keeping iron levels just right.

September 2017: News release - Sugary secrets of a cancer-related protein.

September 2017: Manuscript System Change for JBC

September 2017: News release - New insights into bacterial toxins.

August 2017: News release - Expanding the reach of therapeutic antibodies.

August 2017: News release - A metabolic pathway that feeds liver cancer.

August 2017: News release - Tracing the path of Parkinson's disease proteins.

June 2017: Editorial - ASBMB and JBC: A truly synergistic relationship

May 2017: A new thematic minireview series on Host-Microbiome Metabolic Interplay explores natural product discovery, metabolomics methods, pathogen colonization resistance, and more!

May 2017: 9 Papers withdrawn. Learn more.

April 2017: Editorial - JBC is on a mission to facilitate scientific discovery

February 2017: Highlights of 2016

January 2017: 2016 Minireview Compendium

January 2017: Editorial - What Happens When You Submit a Paper to JBC?

October 2016: 19 papers withdrawn. Learn more

October 2016: The JBC now has a template in Overleaf — the free, collaborative cloud-based writing and reviewing tool — that authors can use to format their manuscripts. Learn more

September 2016: The JBC implements one-click manuscript transfer from bioRxiv to the JBC’s submission site. Learn more

September 2016: Editorial - A Loyal Friend of ASBMB and JBC: Howard Schachman, 1918–2016

August 2016: Editorial - What's in a Name?

July 2016: The JBC publishes Accelerated Communications (replacing Reports), which have an even shorter time from submission to first decision than the JBC’s 21-day average. The JBC also welcomes Methods and Resources papers that describe new technical advances and large data sets. Learn more in Lila M. Gierasch’s editorial.

July 2016: Editorial - The Journal of Biological Chemistry: 2016 Onward

May 2016: The JBC relaxes its guidelines for initial submissions. Authors no longer are asked to fix formatting issues upon first submission.

December 2015: Please note that the following sections of the instructions to authors have been updated to conform to the recent policy changes outlined in the Dec. 11 “Transparency Is the Key to Quality” editorial:

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